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Important Travel Updates from the CDC

In light of the recent CDC Announcement related to COVID-19, or the coronavirus, Social Butterfly Express is committed to making sure that all of our clients are informed with accurate and up-to-date information, and we are proud to be a trusted liaison between clients and our suppliers. Updates will be made to this post as they become available. Read the full announcement from the CDC here.

All of the suppliers that have active partnerships with SBE have updated their policies since January 12, 2021 to be in compliance with the new regulations that require ALL US Citizens to show proof of a NEGATIVE Viral Antigen Test (must be done within 72 hours of departure flight back home) to board their flight home effective January 26, 2021.

Top Common Questions that have been asked:

Q:What are the new requirements?

A: Beginning Jan. 26, 2021, passengers traveling to the United States by air (including U.S. citizens returning home from trips abroad) must present negative results from a COVID-19 test when they check in for those U.S. bound flights. They must have taken the test within three days of the scheduled departure date and time for that flight to the US. Without those results, you will NOT be allowed to board the flight.

Both molecular tests (nasal swabs) and rapid antigen (saliva) tests will be accepted. As an alternative to the test results, passengers may show proof that they’ve recovered from COVID-19 within the past three months (e.g. a letter from a healthcare provider confirming). However, proof of COVID-19 vaccination will NOT be accepted in lieu of the test results or a recent COVID-19 recovery.

Q: Where can I get this test while I’m travelling internationally?

A: Many resorts are offering testing onsite so you can take the test and receive your results within the three day window before your flight home to the US. It is highly recommended that you schedule your test as soon as you arrive at the resort. As your travel advisor, I’ll work closely with the suppliers involved in your trip to give you the best testing options that fit around your vacation schedule!

Q: Who will pay for this test?

A: Some resorts are offering free onsite testing for your return flight home. If you’re staying at a resort that isn’t offering free testing, pricing has been posted to range from $30-$200 per person (USD). If testing isn’t available at your resort on your trip, I will work with you to find the least expensive options.

Q: What happens if I test positive?

A: If your test results are positive, you won’t be allowed to board that scheduled flight. I will say that several of the top suppliers that SBE works with have been amazing with providing quarantine on the resort up to 14 days for FREE. Again, each resort is different when it comes to pricing during quarantine.

VERY IMPORTANT! If you have a roommate, you both will be required to quarantine in your room. Some travel insurers may cover the cost of staying longer in the destination, so you can repeat the test to prevent a “false positive”.

Q: What if my U.S. bound flight is delayed?

A: Under these new rules, your results must come from a test that was taken within three days (72 hours) of your scheduled departure date and time - even if the departure is delayed - so that your rest falls beyond those 72 hours. It’s important to consider the best options for travel insurance which helps cover the costs of these sorts of unexpected events.

If you have scheduled flights on American Airlines, they have developed an app that will help streamline all of your required tests for destinations called VeriFLY .

As of now, all policies from my preferred suppliers are in place for trips through March 31, 2021. Above all, do what’s best for your comfort level. Things are changing and being re-evaluated on an almost daily basis. If you have travel plans later this summer, fall, or winter, my suggestion is to keep those plans. We will keep you updated as the situation evolves, and as always, you can reach out directly via email if you have any additional questions. (Rosalyn@socialbutterflyexpress.com)


All current SBE Clients that are scheduled to travel through March have already been contacted via email. As things are re-evaluated in March, clients with trips between April-June will be contacted directly with updated information.

Continue to use precaution and keep yourself and your families safe. There is a light waiting for all of us at the end of this!!

Rosalyn Cooper,

Founder + Lead Travel Consultant, Social Butterfly Express

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