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On The Road with Rosalyn: Gatlinburg, TN!

One of the things we’re most proud of at Social Butterfly Express is our personal connection to travel. SBE grew from the personal passion for travel of Founder and Lead Travel Consultant Rosalyn Cooper, combined with her planning savvy, and she is constantly on the road scouting locations for her destination wedding couples, honeymoons, and even large group trips!

Our "On the Road with Rosalyn!" series chronicles Rosalyn’s personal and professional travels, giving you the scoop on the best locations, venues, and excursions.

But today, we've got a super special edition submitted by author, and friend of SBE, Rayn Newson!

In this edition, Rayn grabs her girls and heads to Gatlinburg, TN for a mini getaway in the mountains! Check out Rayn's story below, and learn more about her here.

Find Your Happy Time!

With all the turbulence going on around us, one might ponder... how do you find the energy to smile, fellowship, and furthermore go on adventures!?

It's called finding your HAPPY! Just to get you up to speed, annually my best friend (of 20+ years) and I go on vacation together... which we've coined as #bestietime. Last year, we renewed our passports and planned to take "bestie time" internationally. However, as the time grew near for us to book... the world froze!

Yet, both already had the vacation time approved. She's in the medical field (OH) and me in law enforcement (NC,) the likelihood of essential personnel taking this time off later in the year still is not guaranteed. So, we did what doers do.. we made lemonade out of lemons!

Last week, a mini trip to the mountains, in Gatlinburg, Tennessee to be exact is where we spent our getaway but with a twist... we invited our big sisters! Therefore, it was only right that we called this "sister sister time."

This trip was amazingly perfect on so many accounts. Just to share a few;


Through Elk Springs Resort, we rented a cabin! The home sleeps 6. Very spacious. Clean! Two levels, wrap around porch, full kitchen, 2 full bathrooms with rainfall shower heads installed... AMAZING! And other bonuses such as an outside Jacuzzi. The property is surrounded by nature which is perfect for outside photos. And if you want to really feel at home, you must know... bears are commonly sighted around that way! Luckily, we did not witness such sights but the cabin manager left information on what to do in that situation.


The foursome needed this! We're mothers, working women, all having a significant other or married and facing common concerns pertaining to the happenings around us. With the noise of everyday life, why not venture off to the mountains to just laugh, feast, sip, chat, take long showers, sleep in and/or just dance to the stolen moments away from our norm?

Something New:

It's something about seeing sights together for the first time that creates a connection. Originally, I thought neither of us had ever been to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Then remembered that one time during college I was invited to join a friend and their family. But I was too young to appreciate it and remembered nothing! Actually forgotten about it til we booked!

Those three areas help shape our experience! The cabin only cost us roughly $1100 collectively. Which created a cushion for IF we wanted to stay in, or go out to see new sights and tackle new adventures. We did all of the above!

Our "sisters" happy hour IN, it was a 5 star. Hands down! Which was followed by dinner IN. No catering service, no waiting to be seated. Just us in our jammies... making a toast, playing games, chilling on the porch and simply making memories.

And when we ventured out, one day... the four of us packed in the car with no plans and came upon a strip which housed several eateries, shops and an array of activities! There we got on the SkyLift. The view from the lift was priceless. A camera could not capture the sight, it's an "in the moment" type of view. After, we dined at Cherokee Grill where the bartender, Jase made our margaritas out of fresh squeezed lemons!

Being an entrepreneur, it's a MUST that I support the local businesses. So, the ladies already knew... I was determined to stop at a few art and crafts shops. Go figure, they came across a few finds as well when we stopped at the Morning Mist Village shops after brunch at Little House of Pancakes which was just minutes away from our cabin.

One morning, we had breakfast and mimosas right at the table of our cabin! Yikes, I had the pleasure of cooking while the sisters relaxed, I'm the baby of the foursome by the way!

And we took a day for the sisters to bond. My sister and I explored for a taste before getting on the road back home. And the bestie and her sister did the same before heading out the following day.

You Get to Choose! Try the Lemonade!

Finding your happiness in this season, is extremely essential! Doesn't mean you're jaded. It means you are choosing to nurture YOU! Recharge YOU. Choosing to selfishly remove yourself from the noise for just a bit. Try the lemonade, it's tasty!

Check out Gatlinburg, TN for your next trip!

Sounds pretty amazing, right? A huge THANK YOU to author Rayn Newson for taking the time to give us the deets about her trip! You can learn more about Rayn and get in touch on her website.

If you're ready to hit the road to Gatlinburg or elsewhere, SBE would love to help you plan your next big trip! Consultations are always complimentary and obligation-free. Get your quote or book a consultation today, and hit the road with Social Butterfly Express!

Social Butterfly Express specializes in 100% custom travel experiences including destination weddings, honeymoons, bachelor/bachelorette parties, anniversary trips, and more!Get your custom quote here,and let us help make your travel dreams a reality!

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