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Over the Moon: 5 Trending Travel Options from Bridal to Baby and Beyond! Part 4: Family-Moon

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Hey there Social Butterflies! Rosalyn Cooper, here. If you've been keeping up with SBE, you probably already know that I work with couples, families, and groups of all sizes on planning dream romance and recreational trips, including destination weddings, honeymoons, anniversary trips, girls/guys trips, etc - you name it, I can help book it! Because I build strong and lasting connections with my clients, it’s not uncommon for me to be a long-term part of their journeys (both literally and figuratively speaking!) from the wedding to the honeymoon to family vacations and beyond.

Traditionally speaking, this path starts with the wedding itself (shout out to my Destination Brides!) or dreamy honeymoon, and then my clients head back to reality at home before the travel itch strikes again and we start planning their next trip. But as our “new normal” takes shape - complete with closed borders, travel advisories, and gathering restrictions - couples and families alike are forced to go back to the drawing board on their original plans and get creative with alternatives...and what we’ve seen emerge are modern new twists on traditional romance travel!

Now, we'll be giving you the low down on 5 of our favorite alternative travel trends over the coming weeks with our five-part Over the Moon series. If you're new to this series, start with Part 1: Mini-Moons.

Step aside, honeymoon, SBE is over the moon for these alternative “moon” trips!

Part 4: Family-Moon

One reason SBE was inspired to release this Over the Moon series is because tradition has pretty much been thrown out the window for 2020. Many brides and grooms-to-be have had to rethink or shift gears on their original plans due to COVID-19. And trust me - we feel for you!

But while tradition is top of mind (as many of us are throwing it out the window), it's actually interesting to also think about in what other areas tradition might be a bit outdated, and Family-Moons might just be our newest favorite "non-traditional tradition". (Yes, we're making that a thing)

So for starters, what the heck is a Family-Moon?

A Family-Moon is exactly what it sounds to be - a combination of family and honeymoon! Increasingly, couples are having children together prior to marriage, or blending families with their children from past relationships. Most dating or re-married parents will tell you that it's incredibly important for their new partners to be accepting of their children, and vice versa, making replacing the honeymoon with a more inclusive Family-Moon a really beautiful way to signify the formation of the new family while celebrating together. Some couples even choose to extend the invite to family beyond their children, inviting grandparents and other relatives to turn it into a larger group trip!

Pro Tip: Large group trips can be tough to coordinate, so if you're planning an extended Family-Moon trip, consider working with a travel agent who can help individual families stay on top of their responsibilities and deadlines with booking and deposits

Now let's talk about our favorite part: where you're headed! If you're liking the Family-Moon idea but unsure of where to jet off to, Hard Rock Hotels & Resorts make FANTASTIC Family-Moon destinations!

Hard Rock has beautiful resorts and hotels with a wide variety of destinations to choose from, including both domestic and internationally. Plus, their resorts are family-friendly, and include activities for children and teens of all ages. There's even a couple of adult-free zones (The Hard Rock Roxity Kids Club and the Teen Spirit hangout) that will keep the little ones busy with scheduled activities while the grown ups get a break for a little adults-only fun!

2-bedroom Signature Family Suites are great to keep the family together while still ensuring you get a little privacy with your new spouse (wink!), and in addition to the on-site pools, some locations even have waterparks and miniature golf right on the resort!

The Hard Rock is also a financially-sound choice for your Family-Moon as many locations offer Kids Stay, Eat, and Play FREE deals. Just keep in mind that these offers may vary based on children's ages, travel dates, and resort location, so talk to your travel agent prior to booking to make sure you're maximizing your savings and getting hooked up with the best rate.

The resorts are family-friendly, but if you're traveling without little ones (or have other family joining who want to avoid the kid's zones), ask about Adults-Only Rooming options at your resort. All-inclusive options are also available at select destinations, including Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, and FOUR different locations in Mexico!

Pro Tip: This one's just for the Adults - specifically the R&B and Jazz lovers out there! Hard Rock's Cancun and Los Cabos locations host JazzFest and SolFest in the Spring and Fall with special pricing that includes all resort-wide concerts plus your typical stay amenities! If you're a music lover, this is a TOTAL blast and at a great rate! Click the links below to get in touch and I'll fill you in.

If you want to get more information about heading to a Hard Rock hotel or resort for your Family-Moon, or want to get more ideas on the perfect Family-Moon for your crew, reach out to get a quote or book a consultation - they're always complimentary and obligation free!

We'll be back next week with the 5th and final part in our Over the Moon series!

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